One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic
We belong to the universal Anglican communion

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Episcopal Church

Santa Cruz Resurrection

Santa Cruz Resurrection One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic. We belong to the universal Anglican communion.
 We are Episcopalians, because our bishops are the principals pastors and also symbolize
unity of the Church.

The Episcopal Church, like Jesus: Invites and teaches, does not
impose the way.

Diocese of Southeast Florida


The Bible, which contains the necessary doctrine for salvation

The Tradition

The Tradition of the Church, this unite us directly to Jesus and hos oral teachings


Reason, the human being must use reasoning to discover, think and to choose the best way to God

Our Pastor

José Leonel Ortez

José Leonel Ortez, born in Comayagua, Honduras, in December 1965, he joined the National University in 1983 to study Juridical and Social Sciences. He then entered the Roman Catholic Seminary …

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